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Sleep Easy

Centennial project Comprehensive Security in Finland

Comprehensive Security in Finland is a unique nationwide project full of events to be held throughout the centennial year 2017. For the first time, it will bring together all the principal actors in the field of security: the authorities, non-governmental organisations, companies and citizens. The partners include voluntary defence and security organisations, veteran organisations, and authorities and government agencies such as the National Board of Education, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Defence, the National Emergency Supply Centre, the Customs, the Police, the Rescue Services and the Emergency Response Centre and, locally, the Red Cross and the Voluntary Rescue Service Vapepa.

The initiative for the project came from voluntary defence organisations. The responsibility for financing and managing the project rests with Maanpuolustuksen Tuki and its affiliated associations. The project has been approved for inclusion in Finland’s Centennial Year programme with the status of an extensive cooperation project.

The project, which is aimed especially at young people, seeks to increase general awareness of overall security and motivate citizens to engage in voluntary defence and security efforts. Key priorities in the project are to pass on the veterans’ heritage and prevent social exclusion. At the same time, the project seeks to reinforce collaboration among those involved with comprehensive security and establish comprehensive security as a hallmark of Finland’s country image. To a great extent, this not-for-profit project will be implemented by volunteers, and the percentage of work carried out without any compensation is high.

The project will include ten comprehensive security events to be held in various parts of Finland, four expert seminars and a multifaceted inclusive media campaign. The project will culminate in the main event to be held in the Kansalaistori Plaza in August 2017. It is hoped that the events will attract 300,000 spectators and the campaign will reach up to two million Finns. The campaign theme is SLEEP EASY, and it is designed to ensure that everyone in Finland can feel safe.